Anushveda-Cash On Delivery
  • Anushveda Wellness Pvt Ltd

    Posted on October 12, 2013 by ATUL KUMRIA in Uncategorized.

    Anushveda Wellness Pvt Ltd. has combined state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure purest quality to be delivered to end user. Our processes adhere to all the desired standards necessary for quality manufacturing. The manufacturing is being done at a GMP certified facility with utmost care being taken to ensure that best raw materials and herbal ingredients are used and analysed to select materials of the highest grade, processed under completely hygienic conditions. All the processes are regularly validated, calibrated and upgraded as and when necessary, which is essential to attain promised efficacy of the products. Further the in process quality management maintains the right process parameters. The finished product is also subjected to extensive quality control tests before final packaging

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