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Though the beneficial cardiovascular effects of garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar and honey alone are documented, the dosages indicated are quite large and difficult to take on a daily basis. Further, undesirable effects of taking large dosages of garlic or ginger over a period of time are well- documented. ShimBhala which is prepared, treated and processed in a very specific manner and comprises extracts of the ingredients, present in synergistic and clinically proven and effective ratios. Further, the formulation ShimBhala is palatable and does not suffer from the undesirable side-effects which are common when the individual ingredients are taken in isolation or in large quantities. The formulation is remarkably effective in the opening of ‘blocked arteries’ and also control and treatment of CORONARY HEART DISEASE. It is particularly effective in management of lipid levels (triglyceride and cholesterol) in the body and removal of plaque in the arteries.