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[12/09 11:14] Madhu Nair, Mumbai : My testimonial on Shimbhala- Shimbhala has helped me in curing Acid reflux Earlier I took medicine now stopped it completely.

Also it has helped me while walking. I am no more breathless while walking. I had a 50% block in one of my artery. It may have got cured too, don’t know as I have not done Angiogram after that, but definite improvement in walking. My knees pain subsided after taking Shimbhala.I would advise everyone above 40 to take Shimbhala to improve their overall health.Thank you Mr Atul Kumria for this wonderful ayurvedic preparation Your service is also quick & customer friendly. Please keep up the good work

[23/08 10:04] Srinivasan N , Mumbai : Good morning Atulji. .I have been having shimbhala from the past 10 months and it has immensely benefited in terms of my health. . Reduction in Cholesterol.  Thank you so much for making the products available to the masses

[28/07/17 18:07]  Vidya Bhushan Prasad: Myself using it since two months and I feel good results.My restless reduced and feel better, I also reduce five KG in weight with out any extra effort.I further ordered two bottles more.Thanks?

[25/07/1710:11]  Patel Chandresh Kumar, Anand, Gujarat:: I was introduced to Shimbhala by my friend as I had sometimes pain in chest and breathlessness. Test reports indicated blockages. I started having Shimbhala under Mr. Atul’s guidance and two months later my physical tolerance increased. Now after 4 months I don’t feel breathless even while climbing stairs although Atul ji has advised me to continue taking Shimbhala which I am doing as it has no side effects. I am very afraid of surgeries and was afraid of visting my doctor who was telling me to go for angioplasty. I am taking 15ml in the morning and 15 ml in the evening which is the right dosage for anyone with blockages. I feel much more confidant climbing up stairs of my house and I stop only once in between which previously was after every two three stairs. I have stocked 4 bottles in my house as lot of my friends ask for it and one even took the bottle I was using. I have got better results I think with refrigerating the bottle upon Atulji’s advise. I am fortunate to have come to know about this wonderful product and the fantastic people behind it. Hats Off Anushveda Wellness and Atul ji.

[21/07/17  20:42] Surinder Bola Rohini New Delhi :: I am using Shimbhala since last eight months and have found it much beneficial in avoiding angio and bypass etc. You can make the formulation yourself if you wish as the formula is available on web . I Infact did it initially but now it has become available at a very reasonable cost. Go for it if you trust 
My best regards to you
s s bola

[23/06/17 11:23]  Rajendra Desai  My mother is using it from last 3 months and good results. Her breathing and BP issues under control. My brother and sister also using it restlessness reduced. Knee pain reduced.
Good product.

[21/06/17 17:49] Raghu Shetty : Using since a month but till dt- no positive sign but very good taste

[11/06/17 22:10] SK Hmar- : Additional SP, Mizoram . Shimbhala is to be taken(15 ml or 3 teaspoon) early in the morning on empty stomach at least half an hour before breakfast daily (as prescribed) . In my case , it worked well. Try it , It is fantastic.

[30/06 13:04] Sheikh M Asrar, Raichur, Karnataka: Atul Kumria Delhi: dear dr.Atul sab im fine hope you are fine also sir i had provided one bottle of Shimbhala aged 62 years he is fine and worked wonders to him he now needs to continue with it and requested to send 1unit to send to his address ON C.O.D.basis MR.QUALIQ.M.SHEIKH

[10/06/17 20:42] Gopal Krishna Dewangan– I have been giving Shimbhala to my father who had acute pain and injury in his back (spine). He had tried many allopaethic medicines and his pain and stiffness did not go. He was not able to move at all. We started Shimbhala with him and upto now he has had four bottles. He can now move around and his inflammation and pain is also much better. Shimbhala has given him amazing results. I am also having it now as a preventive measure for heart disease and artery blockage. I feel very energetic and much better already.

Fayaz Ali – This is the fourth bottle and my mother is showing positive signs.Thanks Atul ji – Sun, Jun 4, 2017 at 8:23 PM

Bryan D Souza = Hello I have been having shimbala for the last one year. Very effective.- Tue, May 30, 2017 at 11:15 PM

Nitin Bhilkar –Due to Shimbhala, my BP medicine stopped . Sun, May 28, 2017 at 3:15 PM

Nitin bhilkar –Shimbhala : one of the best medicine to prevent normal throat infection also, i would like to share one thing that,  level of lipo protein in my body was well high. Doctor had given me medicine for that. But it did not suit to me. Now it is within limit without allopathic. Blood was checked just before 4 days. It was high since last two years.I have been given shimbhala to my colleague (Shri H R Meena) He is feeling better within a month. His giddiness has gone now – Sun, May 28, 2017 at 11:08 PM

[27.03.17 19:22]: AK Singh Varanasi,: Dear members, I m not gonna promote this product (shimbhala n mycomed) but just sharing the benefits of these two combinations which I ve experienced. I had undergone angioplasty for artery blockage in 2015 later diabetes type 2 with high Sugar fasting n PP, high cholesterol n high triglyceride. Started taking shimbhala n mycomed combination. Also continued with metformin, aspirin n clopid. I m sharing some reports showing its benefits as above. The last report was done yesterday. So, if anybody have same health problems like me then u can have these two combinations without any doubt.

[25/03/17 09:29] Sachin Gowda, COIMBATORE,   :– It was some three months back I got full blood check up.. results were shocking my doctor said  cholesterol levels are  high abd Chances of getting heart disease are very high . I was a bit worried then i came to know about shimbhala . I ordered one unit and had a  go…… I almost finished my second unit… I am felling Better now… Now i am following  a strict diet and taking shimbhala. My cholesterol levels have come down … Thanks shimbhala …

[20/03/17 10:22]  Deepak Jangid Udaipur: पहले की रिपोर्ट dated 13.02.17 – Lalpathlabs-LahalGal Road, Ajmer- Glucose Fasting 131, Triglyceride 815, LDL 137, VLDL 163,

[20/03/17 10:23]  Deepak Jangid Udaipur: शिमभाला की 1 बोतल, दिन में 2 बार, 15 दिन की खुराक का असर,- dated 18.03.17 Lalpathlabs-LahalGal Road, Ajmer- Glucose Fasting- 133, Triglyceride 330,, LDL 104, VLDL 66,

[20/03, 10:30]  Deepak Jangid Udaipur 15 ml की 2 खुराक

[15/03/17   08:19]  Amrit Kochar Mirzapur  :Atul ji good morning. I Was having chest pains left Side and was feeling havey ness in left arms but now there is no problem I am having shimbhala for more then six months, once in the morning only, How many days I should have shimbhala

[15/03/17 08:57] Atul Kumria  : Amrit ji continue to have Shimbhala for atleast one year. Would like to see your lipid profile report. Regards Atul Kumria

13/03 /17 19:11]  Vijay Jani Mumbai, : Whether shimbhala opens up block in arteries

[14/03 /17 22:21]  Vijay Jani Mumbai, How much time

[14/03/17 22:22]  Vijay Jani Mumbai, We have to take and any one who have benefited in this group as I have to start. Pls reply

[14/03/17   22:26]  Niaz Ahmed Dindigul,: It’s a natural and miraculous drink to keep away completely from the cardiovascular diseases and highly recommend to take life long to keep our heart healthy. It’s 100% proven and many have been benefited and I feel proud to say that iam also the one who enjoys its benefits. Go for it ji.

[14/03/17   23:11]  Surinder Bola New delhi  : I fully endorse the views of Mr. Niaz. I am taking it from last one year. I had symptoms of blockages ( TMT echo and ECG were all positive ) and was advised angiography ( to be followed by angioplasty or bypass surgery certainly) but I chose Shimbhala formulation. I was  free from all symptoms after 4th month but I am continuing it and is now part of my diet. 

[14/03/17   23:15] Vijay Jani: How to take it method

[14/03/17   23:17]  Sanjay K Agarwal Haridwar डाईबेटिक मरीज़ , सिम्भाला का प्रयोग किस तरह से करे, क्यों क़ि मीठा काफी हैं, बताये जी ?

[15/03 /17 07:50] Atul Kumria: Diabetes patient can have Shimbhala 15 ml daily in the morning. Shimbhala may increase sugar level for the first few days however after 10-15 days sugar level comes back to normal. Shimbhala is also well tolerated with metformin. Thanks Atul Kumria

[15/03/17   08:11] Atul Kumria: We have a case of 99% blockage in main artery in Chandigarh (Mr vohra) who did not get any surgery done and is now even walking in the morning for half hour. Treatment in very acute cases is combination of Shimbhala four times daily with Mycomed. Breathlessness and chest pain will disappear. We had also advised patient to take arjuna four times daily and do pranayam four times daily. This regimen was given for two months. Aggressive dosages can take care of acute blockages in a short duration also. Thanks Atul Kumria Anushveda Wellness

[03/03 /17 15:36] Shailendra Singh, Navi Mumbai-: Dear Atul ji please send one unit of each

Shimbhala and Mycomed: Is there any other products please feel free to share details I am have found good result in recent blood test: Thanks

[05/02/17]  Deepak Jangid, Udaipur Triglyesride 851 Sugar fasting 135 Cholestrol LDL ON HIGHER SIDE,   Hdl ok, pulse high,  I sent him shimbhala, taken 6 time in 3 days,   there is miracle with patient, उसके अपने शब्दों में,” भाई 3 दिन में नया जीवन मिलगया, पल्स नार्मल  हो गयी,  और वॉकिंग करने पर दम नही फूलता है

[05/02/17]  Sheikh M Asrar, Raichur, Karnataka: sir good morning long time to thank you for the quality maintained and really good  to have Shimbhala feel relaxed and did not approach doctor’s. sir I need another two more bottles on COD.THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN

[04/01/17]  Anil Jain Chandigarh: Hi I got Angioplasty done in June this year and was detected with multiple blockages. I am a diabetic also. I started Shimbhala twice daily morning and evening. I have been taking it regularly since June. I have avoided by pass and am even walking briskly now. My latest tests have shown a drastic decrease in blockages and much improved TMT and EEG. I have a proven improvement in blood flow both while in stress and resting stage in Thalium test which I was advised by my cardiologist. My stress tolerance has improved more than 50% and bronchial congestion has also improved drastically.Ovreall energy levels have increased considerably. Shimbhala is just unbelievable and is a life saver. Thanks.

[04/09/16  10:06]  N Singh Gaur   lucknow . sir using shimbhala for   last 4 Months. good positive result of shimbhala

[04/09/16 10:08]  Ashish Saxena Gurgaon   : Yes,I always got  the Shimbhala in time..never delayed

[23/08/16 10:28] Sarfraz Yadwad Belgaun: Had given to one of my friend,having many heart probls,on bed rest ,he is having some decrease in his breathlessness,that’s it

[23/08/16 11:21] Sarfraz Yadwad Belgaun: Just finished one Bootle, n he is also taking lot of allopathic medicine also

[23/08/16 11:23]  Rajendra Desai  My mother is using it from last 3 months and good results. Her breathing and BP issues under control. My brother and sister also using it restlessness reduced. Knee pain reduced.
Good product.

[23/08/16 18:07]  Vidya Bhushan Prasad : Myself using it since two months and I feel good results.My restless reduced and feel better, I also reduce five KG in weight with out any extra effort.I further ordered two bottles more.Thanks?

[23/0816 20:13]  Vk Shenoy Thane: I am using it for last two month 3rd bottle in use. Good result started after 2nd bottle. No heart pain while walking. Feeling great.

[11/08 /16 14:19] Niaz Ahamed   : Friends and my dear colleagues….i would like take this opportunity to share with you regarding the benefits of Shimbhala…before to start with a small intro about myself..a mechanical engineer by profession spend almost 17 years in middle east now in India working in one of reputed construction company…I am started using Shimbhala continously for 12months and obtained a remarkable results especially with the disease related to cardiovascular although I am not a heart patient..started taking it as a preventive measure and the results  are too good

30/05/2016, 17:22 – SK Hmar- : I had a clog of fat accumulation in my left hand vein for a long time though not causing any pain. Doctors say it can be removed by surgery if necessary. I started taking Shimbhala

(500ml) 2 bottles. This course is not yet completed. But the fat accumulation in the vein has now disappeared. This is my true story.         

Thanks to Shimbhala

[19/07/2016 20:34] SK Hmar- Additional SP, Mizoram –: Shimbhala also can remove block in the vein. There was a block in the vein of my left hand. Doctors said operation will be required to remove the block. But after taking two bottles of Shimbhala the block has disappeared completely without any operation.

[22/07/2016 18:22] Ruchita Desai-Mumbai –: My mother in law who is having Shimbhala now feels much better. She is less breathless and pain in her chest has also disappeared. Very good work by Shimbhala. All of us at home have started having Shimbhala to stay healthy. Thanks Anushveda Wellness

[09/02/2016 18:18] Amit Sharma, Ludhiana:: Very good product . Pls try   https://atulkumria.wordpress.com/testimonial/amit-sharma/

04/02/2016 – Surinder Bola Rohini New Delhi : – Shimbhala is an excellent product. I have  recommended it to at least 10 persons and few of them are doctors actively in their profession. Everyone is benefitted and is happy. Thanks Anushveda.

I was advised angiography after positive TMT. I was feeling breathlessness too often. I was referred to fortis. I did not follow that advice and took to this compound after reading it on the net. I myself made it at home twice and after its use for about 20 days, the symptoms were gone completely. Then I came to know about Shimbhala and shifted to it. I have no problem now and feeling fully healthy in my 65th year.   I have recommended Shimbhala to 10 people including Mr Verma of Karnal and every one is happy. My gratitude to Anushveda Wellness for their efforts in reviving Our Golden Ayurveda . Good luck and Kind Regards to all the members


03/03/2016, 20:10 – R.S. Gaur Delhi –Sir Shimbhala peene se mera chest pain normal ho gaya Aur kuchh test bhi aapse share Kar raha hu



https://atulkumria.wordpress.com/testimonial/ram-sevak-gaur/ ‎

03/03/2016, 20:17 – R.S. Gaur Delhi – :: Sir namskar Maine three months se pee raha hu 15ml subah aur 15 ml sham ko aur abhi bhi pee raha hu ji

18/03/2016, 14:01 – Vinod Sharma Mathura -: Dear friends hello everyone. I m Vinod Sharma from Mathura (U.P.).

I ordered it on 8th Feb. I received after a week. since then I m continuously taking it right early in the morning from 17th of Feb. My heart pulse were continuously increased irregularly. But after taking this preparation I’m feeling quiet well. At that time I used to have a severe pain in my heart. Now I m 45% well by having the medicine with continuous exercise and walk too.  Thanx.

18/03/2016, 14:05 – Dr Dixit Upadhyay, Pune: : very effective formulation. I am Dr. D. L.upadhyay Veterinary Doctor from Mehsana Gurat I take Shimbhala for one month. Cholesterol  level reduced to 220 from 330 in one monthe and my joint pain also reduced

14/05/2016, 20:11 Sheikh M Asrar, Raichur, Karnataka:

Shimbhala march month me  mangveke  abtak 2 bottĺes liye hoon kafi improvement hogaya hai short of breath kam hogaya shukmaine mere dost punesh ke liye b mangvayya usne b khafi improvement paya joint pain breath lessness.etc hum dono ki age 58 running mujko do stent usko Ek stent.keep it up sir.aur aisi hi contnue karne se kohi problem nahi hai na.please advice.thank u.

22/05/2016, 13:07 Ravish Koorich Roorkee Uttarakhand-  : Guys without any concerns take shimbhala actually this combination was home prepared by me and this product is more refined and v good I am from roorkee which is near haridwar and one of the good mahatma gave me this formulation v good product and guys is very genuine businessman send me 2 bottles without any payment I have paid me him this month after one month. Pl go ahead this is miracle product trust me.

26/05/2016, 09:11- SK Hmar -: By the way , I want say once again that  Shimbhala (liquid) is really good for health . I was a chronic patient of High BP and High Blood sugar . Now , I don’t take any  kind of  medicine except  Shimbhala (liquid) I have no complain about my health at present .   Thanks for sending balance one bottle. In my big family everyone is taking Shimbhala liquid and all are satisfied and getting positive results.
Thanks a lot. SK Hmar

26/05/2016, 11:08 – Rajendra Desai Mumbai – : I am waiting for carcumin capsules. If you tell us any other manufacturers name till you provide. We are sure Shimbhala Curcumin will also be as fantastic a product as Shimbhala herbal extracts for heart.

14/06/2016, 10:05 Sunil Samrat ,Shalimar Bagh, Delhi – : Whenever i ordered for shimbhala2,3 or5, i received on time, there delivery process is perfect

14/06/2016, 10:54 – Surinder Bola Rohini Delhi-: I had ordered two bottles and received two in no time duly packed in one bundle, Regards

s s bola

15/06/2016, 13:16 – M Srinivasa Chary – Nizamabad, Telangana :: Shimbhala is an excellent remedy doctor ji.

12/06/2016, 11:22 – Dr V N Sujeer, Chennai – : Please permit me to share my health status in this forum. In Dec.2015 at 10pm I had slight discomfort in my chest. I was admitted in ICCU at one of the leading corporate hospital in Chennai. After I was stabilized, underwent a battery of tests including an Angioplasty. It was diagnosed that I had 4 blocks in the arteries supplying the heart, and was advised to undergo bypass surgery. As my Diabetes was not in good control at that point of time, I excused myself and got discharged. I am now under medical management taking medicines besides Atrovastatin. My son is a Cardiac Surgeon and my daughter in law is a Cardiologist. I enquired with them whether they have any medicine in Allopathic to dissolve the blocks in my heart,for which the answer was in negative. Its composition and efficacy impressed me and got 2 bottles from your firm. So far I have consumed one bottle of the said medicine as per the directions. Yesterday I checked up my lipid profile and was very happy that it is under good control. Hopefully after taking the Divine medicine Shimbhala for yet another 6 months, it will further reduce to the extent of completely removing the blocks in my heart.I shall undergo yet another Angiogram and give you my feedback. Thanking you in the meanwhile, I remain, Yours sincerely, Dr.V.N.Sujeer.

12/06/2016, 12:37 – Shailendra Sharma Lucknow -: Thanks Dr V N Sujeer ji for sharing your story…It has really given me a breather…As last week i had an acute angina followed by mild MI (as told by dr. {TropiNin i tests showed it }).

They have recommended me angiography and angioplasty if required (which im sure they will… to earn more)

Luckily I had ShimBhala (hope everything would be fine soon)

Dr Sujeer ji pls guide me how to keep track of blockages (without undergoing angiography as at that time its a common practice that Drs do angioplasty by showing fear)

Or any other tests / way to know … and keep oneself fit and fine with ShimBhala

12/06/2016, 13:08 – – Dr V N Sujeer, Chennai – :: Dear Shailendra Sharma, Good afternoon to you. I am sorry to understand that you had some heart problems recently. However after   complete rest and the initial symptoms subsidies by medical management, one should undergo Angiogram to evaluate the actual position whether there is any blocks in the arteries supplying the heart. In the meanwhile you may take Shimbhala to hasten the process of healing. Wishing you speedy recovery by God’s grace-?

12/06/2016, 13:09 – Naushad Ahmed, Udaipur, Rajasthan – : Good morning sir your medicine shimbhala works like a magic

12/06/2016, 13:09 – Naushad Ahmed, Udaipur, Rajasthan -: I want to order one more now

12/06/2016, 13:10 Naushad Ahmed, Udaipur, Rajasthan: Very satisfied with ur medicine

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Anandatheerthan Vadivelu Awesome product….I have been using this and can feel the genuineness….. must buy product…. for all healthcare persons.

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Yunus Parmar Fine drug for heart.

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27-12-16 Kamlesh More Mai ne aur bhi 4 bottle mangavai Jo muze mil gai hai Atul sir….Shimbhala use karne se muze Jo body pain tha , fat tha, aur weight 90.200 kg tha vo abhi 85.100 kg ho gaya .choestrol to bahut hi kam ho gaya. Muze dekane ke bad mere aur 5 friend bhi use karne lage. Unhe bhi Shimbhala ka good result mila. Iske pahle mai ne 3 year tak kai medicine ka use kiya tha par uska koi parinam nhi mila…. But jab se Shimbhala use karne laga …Best result….Thanks Shimbhala & Atul Kumria..sir…

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Anantraman Aur Rajam I have prepared this at home and used with very good effect. 10ml taken with a little water early morning on empty stomach gives a remarkable effect.

Like · Reply · Message · 9 · June 11 at 8:29am

Joshua Edison Can I please know the reason for your highest pricing ???????? We prepared 3 liters of this recipe at home and you will be surprised to know the cost !!! Sorry I’m not confronting, but felt the price is too high…

Like · Reply · Message · 2 · July 11 at 9:47pm

Anushveda Wellness Pvt Ltd Hi many reasons. 1. We get it made from Baidyanath Ayurvedic Bhavan Nagpur. 2. COurier cost INR 180. Cash on delivery cost INR 55. Taxes 12%. Packaging, sales and marketing expenses and MOST OF ALL TOP CLASS QUALITY. Have you please added all these in See More

Like · Reply · 1 · Commented on by Atul Kumria · July 11 at 9:54pm

Joshua Edison Super and I really appreciate your soft and professional response… I’m going to buy one and enjoy the benefit…Will share your advertisement too ?

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11/02/2016, 13:43  Pradip Kumar Das Fake medicine

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Rajiv Sharma No sir the claim is 100% correct

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Anil Garg It works Zia Khan sir and moreover one can make it at home.

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Zia Khan Have you tried it Sir ? smile emoticon

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Anil Garg Ji sir. Home made. So I am saying that it works.

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Ratan Rateria This medication is really helpful and cures heart diseases.

Manoj Aggarwal Mai iska koe sale parson nahi hoo.lekin mare dosto ke kehne par apne bhai ko dilwaai jo ki achi dawa hai aap isko ghar par bhi bana sakte hai.agar dibetik ho to honey kam se kam rakh skte hai jo kadwahat door karne ke liye dalte hai.ek chamch lene par hi par hi room me smell ho jaati hai.himalya waale garlik ka capsule export karte hai

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Mohinder Singh Mehra Niviasoftware Bhagat sir ise use kre par apne aap bna kar……I gurented u k result good hoga…. mera apna bp 15-20 din tak high rehta tha… isr use krne k baad main theek hun…. 10-12 din peene k baad apko pta chal jayega… thanx

Mohinder Singh Mehra Niviasoftware Its a wonderful formula I used it for high bp colestrol breth up sah chadna and jodo ke dard k liye…. but I made it with desi ayurved firmula cost rs 250 for a month consumtion.. and the result is very good…. formula is…. zinger juice garlic …See More

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Manoj Aggarwal Sir my brother is using.hindustan mai logo ko samjhana mushkil hai.

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Write a reply…

Manoj Aggarwal It is true product..ye bohot si companies bana rahi hai.or sab ka tast thoda diffrent hota hai.kisi me garlic jyada hota hai kisi mai honey to kisi mai lamon

Jeevan Singh Rajpurohit Dholaयह,दवाई,बहुत,अछी,है,हमनै,धर,पर,बनाकर,खाई,है,इसका,रिजलट,अछा,हैSee Translation


Jeevan Singh Rajpurohit Dholaयह,दवाई,बहुत,अछी,है,हमनै,धर,पर,बनाकर,खाई,है,इसका,रिजलट,अछा,हैSee Translation

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Nagarazzu Nagarazzu Best medicine for heart disease man n woman’s.

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Harpreet Singh Yes it works well after 2 month of useage it also reduced your body colostrol

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Ramakrishna Chilakala Goodnews for cardiac patients.

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Sachin Patel It’s also help in kidney stone. Medicine desolve my 17mm stone in a weak

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Harvinder Sohal Sohal Bahut wadhia hae ih medicine 
Asi ghar tayar kiti hae
3 month three time repeat kiti haeSee More

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MP Singh Special Medicine for maximum people

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Sanjay Ranpara Good..rejalta

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Vinodpandit Pandit Nice medicine. Taking from 2 months. Tremendous effect.

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Umakant Rustagi I swear by this concoction for good heart health , but it is made at home for me by my wife . Hats Off to this medicine .???

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Khan Bhai Mr. Atul is very good person. I also ordered shimbhala it came on time may be we can get one or two days delay but it will reach. This medicine works like a magic in blood pressure. Good work by Mr. Atul .. hats offff dear

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July 2 at 4:46pm

Govind Raj i prepared myself ,very good

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Neena Stephen Good medicine for heart

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Girnar Ayurvedic Nice product

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Amritlal Wagji I am using this composition made by me since last one year.This preparation is being used by my Brother in law for last 4 years & he is fully healthy who has been denied for angioplasty for narrow arteries.
Nice to hear that this is now manufactured .

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Prakash Vibhute I am using last 4 months happy

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Lalg Patel Best Product
Thanks Atulbhai

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Deepak Budkuley Thanks n all d best… as delivered on time n with c o d facility.

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Triglyesride 851

Sugar fasting 135


 Hdl ok, pulse high,

 I sent him shimbhala, taken 6 time in 3 days,   there is miracle with patient,

 उसके अपने शब्दों में,” भाई 3 दिन में नया जीवन मिलगया, पल्स नार्मल  हो गयी,  और वॉकिंग करने पर दम नही फूलता है