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"harnessing nature", refers to usage of natural herbs for their immense benefits for better health and quality of life.‘’Anushveda Wellness’’ endeavors to bring such natural formulations to end users as alternative therapy for chronic ailments.


"ShimBhala" is a high quality product made out of pure and natural extracts of herbs which helps remove "Plaque" or cholesterol deposits from arteries supplying blood to the heart, also helps in reduction of high cholesterol and triglyceride levels through sustained usage. It overall aids healthy blood circulation.


"ShimBhala" consists of pure extracts of age old and tested herbs such as Garlic, Ginger, Honey, Lemon, Apple Cider Vinegar etc. The extracts are a potent combination with corrosive and anti inflammatory benefits, prepared using Ayurvedic principles and are perfectly safe to have.

Ayurveda, with nearly 500 million adherents and as part of a projected $62 billion industry worldwide, has been staging a strong comeback.An ancient holistic system of medicine, it uses a vast range of natural herbs and minerals to tackle ailments - herbs that assure relief or progress without any side effects. At Anushveda Wellness, we aim to spread wellness, improve life condition through providing authentic cures in the field of alternative medicine, offering hazard free, non toxic, formulations made out of natural and pure extracts of age old tested and proven herbs, for adverse health conditions, caused by critical and chronic ailments which otherwise cannot be eradicated from root and affected person only has the option of living on drugs and controlled lifestyle. In a nut shell we aim to create an option both curative and preventive , with a pinpoint approach through benefiting from nature’s gifts to mankind. The name "Anush" comes from the Indian word which means, "Scholar, Lord Vishnu." Or in Persian which means Everlasting, Eternal, that which is there but yet not visible to the one who chooses not to see. Collectively Anushveda signifies an endeavour, to share knowledge and curative benefits which nature has bestowed upon all of us in the form of herbs. The company was constituted by a select intellectual group of people, with vast experience of 50 years added up in the field of medicine, management and manufacturing. Panelists include eminent professionals specializing in the field of Pharmacy, research, E commerce business supply chain and logistics and Finance sectors,. Anushveda Wellness Pvt Ltd has combined state of the art manufacturing techniques to ensure purest quality to be delivered to end user. Our processes adhere to all the desired standards necessary for quality manufacturing. The manufacturing is being done at a GMP certified facility with utmost care being taken to ensure that best raw materials and herbal ingredients are used and analysed to select materials of the highest grade, processed under completely hygienic conditions. All the processes are regularly validated, calibrated and upgraded as and when necessary, which is essential to attain promised efficacy of the products. " Shimbhala" comes in standard 500 ml packing and we at " Anushveda Wellness" aim to deliver it to your doorstep within 7 working days of placing order with us.