Shimbhala Heart Caps 60 Capsules Pack


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Shimbhala Heart Caps comes in capsule form and consists of a unique combination of five ingredients known in Ayurveda for their therapeutic effects in the management and control of heart disease and various other cardiac conditions such as Angina Pectoris, CardioMyopathy, coronary artery disease, anxiety, chronic fatigue etc. Shimbhala Heart Caps work as an anti-ischemic agent, a potent antioxidant, and an anti-atherogenic agent. Each Ingredient is clinically studied and tried for their efficacy.

Qty- 60 capsules pack

Dosage: one capsule twice daily morning and night immediately after meals.

Minimum order 1 unit containing 2 packs (Total 120 Capsules)

MRP Per Pack is INR 525/- (Total MRP for 2 packs is INR 1,050)

Cash on delivery charges – INR 40 extra per unit ordered